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Promotions with ZumGuy.com

The ZumGuy Network consists of 8 websites, providing a range of information and cultural resources.

We allow a small amount of tasteful and relevant advertising for our partner companies and clients. Promoting your services on our websites is inexpensive and places your message where a broad range of people from organisations in the private and public sector will see it clearly.

Each page has only one top ad, one side ad, and one bottom ad. Not all sites have all three languages (English, German and Italian). You may create an ad in all three languages, or restrict the choice to one or two languages of your choice. The price is for a number of impressions regardless of language choice.

We handcraft the advertisements for you free of charge. The ads of all clients are randomly selected each time a page is loaded anywhere on the network of 8 sites, to ensure you obtain maximum coverage of visitors.

The prices are:


  1. Page top horizontal banner (640px x 100px) static: €300 for 10,000 impressions
  2. Page top horizontal banner (640px x 100px) animated: €400 for 10,000 impressions
  3. B

  4. Right column vertical (160px x 320px) static: €200 for 10,000 impressions
  5. Right column vertical (160px x 320px) animated: €250 for 10,000 impressions
  6. C

  7. Bottom page horizontal banner (640px x 80px) static: €150 for 10,000 impressions
  8. Bottom page horizontal banner (640px x 120px) animated: €200 for 10,000 impressions

The prices are for CPV (cost per view). Time period contracts are also available on request. You can also sponsor a website, section, or page. Please contact us for a custom offer for this interesting option.


  1. Fill in the form as completely as you can, and submit it. At this stage there is no obligation.
  2. We will contact you to discuss the creation of the advertisement, including images and texts in the three languages.
  3. When you have agreed on the ad, we will invoice you.
  4. When the payment has been received, we will run the ad. The frequency of appearance will be adjusted to ensure the ad runs for the nominated time period (3 or 6 months).
  5. We will advise you when the ad is about to expire, so you may renew it or make a different contract.

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