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ZumGuy Publications is a new, dynamic publishing house, situated in the heart of Europe.

We publish literature in print, as ebooks, audio-books, articles.

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ZumGuy Information Technology Centre

Visit the forum run by the ZumGuy network webmaster, Sean Bone, containing all the latest news, tips and developments in the world of programming and web design.

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Great tips and ideas for web designers, by the ZumGuy Network webmaster, Sean Bone.

I.T. Forum

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"It is never a question of why we live, but that we live fully. And as regards happiness...? We don't look for it - it finds us when it's good and ready. And to make its path to us all the easier, it is best if we embrace the true nature of things. I'll tell you one thing I have observed: illusion is a strong happiness repellent. It can be nothing else. From what you have told me, I can foresee a time must come when the whole human species will be facing disaster because they turn their back on the guidance of nature, in favour of illusion, and lose the golden ratio between hope and reality."

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